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Industrialist visionary and achiever in Manufacturing & Engineering Leadership, Hadi brings along more than 15 years of industrial expertise in the fields of project controls management, lean manufacturing, operations technology management and business services, SCM, KHM, ERP/MRP, TQM, EVMS and solution systems.

Acquiring and developing new business while focusing on projects execution.

From setting up turn-key plants for production, developing environmental-friendly products and equipment ready for market penetration, to leading know-how charged with KM Practice; conducting research & technology transfer with Earned Value Management in strategic and global initiatives of Green Projects in the FMCG, Facade Construction, Oil & Gas, Water, Municipal and Industrial sectors;

Hadi has accomplished global turn-key manufacturing projects in USA, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon, while managing a global team positioned in Europe, USA, China, Middle-East and the GCC;


QDM-Digital-X (Innovation & the Future)

Government of Dubai (prv)
Since March 2015
  • Provide business improvement guidance in areas of Water & Power Management, assist organizational establishment and approval of processes to optimize corporate governance and compliance management.
  • Business Processes Management Re-engineering;
  • DTMC (Dubai Model), DQA (Dubai Quality Award) and DGEP/4G government projects for Business Excellence.
  • ♣ Future Digital-X Innovation Projects (DX/CX/UX/Strategy/Operations);

PMO and Operations Director

Lean Developers FZE
Since August 2011
  • Set-up projects enterprise coding structures and performance management baselines
  • Execute contract management training for EPC kick-off projects: PDM, EWPEP
  • Lean Engineering management and supply chain operations
  • Project management solution and tools roll-out and delivery
  • Engineering Compliance Projects
  • Roll-out Industrial & Manufacturing Operational Change Management structures
  • Pipe & Fittings Manufacturing Consultancy
  • Business Project Development - Mega Projects: Oil & Gas, Transport, Infrastructure
  • Strategic Procurement Consultancy
  • Construction PMC on Façade, Curtain Wall, Aluminum, Glass and building envelopes projects
  • Global Performance Monitoring (Coaching, Assistance, Assessment)
  • Composites Structures & Formulation

Country Manager GCC & MENA

ARES Project Management (Applied Research and Engineering Sciences)
October 2011 to May 2013
  • Project Management Controls business in GCC & Middle East;
  • CRM and Channel Partners Management; Acquiring and developing new business while focusing on projects execution.
  • Marketing Strategy Mix (Software & Technology Market)
    *Maintain Business Intelligence progress;
    *Assess engagement risks;
    *Actively Lead new engagement teams;
  • Achieve record start-up pipeline of 5X clients;
    *Organize and lead the sales funnel
    *Initiate proposal detailed strategies
    *Develop and maintain key client contacts
    *Prepare and participate in public presentations
    *Conduct cloud presentations via Cisco/Webex
  • Cost Controls:
    *Implementation & roll-out of Oil & Gas, Transportation and EPC projects;
    *PMI/AACEI Certified Cost Controls Training sessions;
    *Troubleshooting and complex technical support;
  • Operations:
    *Contracting for Capital Project Management
    *Cash flow and Budget management
    *Administration and Coaching
  • Training & Implementation Coaching Plans

VP Regional Affairs (Non-Profit)

AACEI (Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering Int'l)
Since June 2012
  • Responsible for the AACEI regional affairs between the UAE head quarter and the rest of the GCC region:
  • --- Manage relations development for technology exchange;
  • --- Participate in Project Management technical presentations and conferences;
  • --- Consultant in Project Management solutions;

SVP & Director of Research & Developments

Future Pipe Group
February 2010 to October 2011
  • Strategic positioning for new developed products;
  • High profile 6th Generation R&D for environment-friendly products;
    * Conducting innovation presentations;
    * Assessing new developments with institutes and university bodies;
  • Formation of FPi-FR (Future Research Unit);
    * Developing group structure & governance;
    * Setting ground rules of Quality engagement;
    * Developing APQP methodologies;
  • Group operational OHSE compliance and audit;
    * Conduct group Operational Audits;
    * Participate in the Executive Forum for Technology Development

Senior Vice-President Technology & Engineering Developments

Future Pipe Group
January 2008 to January 2010
  • Lead the group’s Technology & Engineering Developments body from a technology transfer perspective to cater the expansion strategy of plants around the globe;
  • Prepare the Technology body to represent the Company in IPO:
    * Assessment an calibration of the risks involved in expansion strategies
    * Develop the business procedures, processes and work instructions
    * Review and structure the technology governance principles
    * Implement the security levels over DMS systems
  • Evolution Renaissance group Matrix restructuring foundations;
  • Lead the Think Teams group for ASIA market and strategic re-positioning:
    * Develop market penetration strategies
    * Assess and propose expansion with new product feasibility for Oil & Gas markets
    * Conduct market research and risk analysis for the emerging piping industry
  • Responsible for the group supply & procurement of technology
    Other direct responsibilities: HR, Central Procurement, Central Technical Support, Central Audit;

Vice-President, Technology & Engineering Developments

Future Pipe Industries
January 2007 to January 2008
  • Technology center of excellence setup
  • Setting the road and guidelines for the future 6th Generation R&D plan
  • Product Development
  • Equipment and machine development


  • Board Member and Vice President of Regional Affairs in the AACEI (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering Int'l)
  • Member of the PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • Member of the CPM (Cost & Project Management Association)
  • Member of the ACGTA (Association of Certified Green Technology Auditors)
  • Member of the GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group Council)
  • Member of the OEA (Order of Engineers and Architects)
  • Member of IDA (International Desalination Association)
  • Member of the HBR (Harvard Business Review) Advisory Council
  • Member of the GPM (Green Project Management Global)


BE Mechanical Engineering

American University of Beirut
August 1989 to July 1993

BE Mechanical Engineering

CCP™ (Certified Cost Controls Engineering Professional)

AACEI (The Authority for Total Cost Management)
November 2011 to May 2012

A CCP is an experienced practitioner with advanced knowledge and technical expertise to apply the broad principles and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, execution and management of any organizational project or program. CCPs also demonstrate the ability to research and communicate aspects of TCM principles and practices to all levels of project or program stakeholders, both internally and externally.

CCP certification was established in 1976 and is independently accredited by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) since 2000.

AACE Certification distinguishes cost and management professionals who have the knowledge and skills to impact the bottom line.

Certified Green Project Manager, GPM®

April 2013 to June 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility is playing an increasingly large role in how consumers, stakeholders, employees, and competitors view organizations and the demand for skilled project managers that can apply sustainable methods to projects is in high demand.

Organizations need to be assured the individuals that manage their projects can integrate methods to achieve sustainability goals and still achieve project specific objectives. Project Managers need credentials that validate their proficiency with these specialized qualities.

The GPM® Certification track for project and program managers provides the roadmap for professionals to learn, apply, and validate mastery of sustainability based project methods to meet these demands.


June 2014 to January 2015

The knowledge elements are based on the International Project Management Guide, which sets out the key topics and factors of success for the implementation of projects in an international environment.


Project Management Office - ALLPMO
June 2012 to October 2012

Project Management Office Certification (PMOC) :
-Recognizing ROI opportunities;
-Identifying threats to project delivery;
-Behavior Management Techniques
-Project Throughput
-Defining & Implement a PMO
-Gaining value from a PMO

MPM ® Master in Project Management

American Academy of Project Management ®
January 2011 to September 2012

The MPM ™ is the world's premier graduate masters certification for project managers. This credential is for college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, and employees. This designation is a project management certification designed for senior project managers and project directors. This is the Graduate Gold Standard of Project Management.

Six SIgma Green Belt

Motorola University
September 2005 to October 2005


  • Engineering profiling (technology/sourcing)
  • Contracting Capital Fast-Track Projects
  • Projects Controls (EVMS, ANSI 748);
  • Plastic/Steel/Glass/Aluminium/FMCG industry process optimization
  • Plants & Machinery design & optimization;
  • Facade Structures, Curtain Wall, Composite Cladding
  • Product/Plant Qualification/Certification;
  • Positioning Leadership
  • Selection of Leaders & Match Culture
  • Earned Value Management
  • Task Force & Special Projects
  • KM Practice & TQM+OHSE
  • Technical screening & selection strategy
  • Project Management coach
  • 6th Generation R&D portfolio management
  • Hay-Group: Salary & Grading Structures
  • Job Design & Appraisal Systems
  • NLP communications
  • Business Change Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Fiberglass pipe systems
  • Continuous, Discontinuous, Spoolable, and Coiled Tubing
  • Oil & Gas High Pressure and Downhole Piping
  • Pulp, Paper, Tissue and Plastic FMCG industries
  • PVC, uPVC and HDPE pipe systems
  • Lean Six-Sigma Manufacturing
  • EFQM/RADAR Methodology
  • CRM/SalesForce Funnel Management
  • MRP Manufacturing Modes
  • Industry Manufacturing Management Set-up & Operation
  • Innovative Technology and Know-How Set-up & Roll-out
  • Industrial Construction Projects Management
  • EPIC: Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning
  • Projects & Cost Controls Leadership and Management
  • Research & Development (Pipe Products & Equipment)
  • Strategic Procurement & Sourcing Consultancy