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Industrialist visionary and achiever in Manufacturing & Engineering Leadership, Hadi brings along more than 15 years of industrial expertise in the fields of project controls management, lean manufacturing, operations technology management and business services, SCM, KHM, ERP/MRP, TQM, EVMS and solution systems.

Acquiring and developing new business while focusing on projects execution.

From setting up turn-key plants for production, developing environmental-friendly products and equipment ready for market penetration, to leading know-how charged with KM Practice; conducting research & technology transfer with Earned Value Management in strategic and global initiatives of Green Projects in the FMCG, Facade Construction, Oil & Gas, Water, Municipal and Industrial sectors;

Hadi has accomplished global turn-key manufacturing projects in USA, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon, while managing a global team positioned in Europe, USA, China, Middle-East and the GCC;


SVP & Director of Research & Developments

Future Pipe Group
February 2010 to October 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Strategic positioning for new developed products;
  • High profile 6th Generation R&D for environment-friendly products;
    * Conducting innovation presentations;
    * Assessing new developments with institutes and university bodies;
  • Formation of FPi-FR (Future Research Unit);
    * Developing group structure & governance;
    * Setting ground rules of Quality engagement;
    * Developing APQP methodologies;
  • Group operational OHSE compliance and audit;
    * Conduct group Operational Audits;
    * Participate in the Executive Forum for Technology Development
Detailed Description
  • Scope:
    * Head the Technology division innovation structure;
    * Networking and Strategic Research Alliances;
    * Strategic positioning for new developed products;
    * High profile 6th Generation R&D for environment-friendly products;
    * Formation of FPi-FR (Future Research Unit) ISO9001:2008 certified;
    * Group operational OHSE compliance and audit;
    * Certifications and QA;
  • Focus:
    * Positioning the industry as a front-runner in the pipe manufacturing systems in water and energy sectors:
    * Green product development
    * Cost effective solutions with lean production process implementations
    * Product innovation with improvement on product material compositions
    * Market penetration strategies with a targeted high pressure pipe products
    * Sponsoring university research activities for engineering studies in pipe systems performance
Company Description

Future Pipe Industries is a global leader in the large diameter fiberglass pipe industry, developing, manufacturing and supplying pipe systems to a broad range of markets around the world in the sectors of Oil and Gas, Water Distribution, Infrastructure & Municipal, Marine, Industrial, Petrochemicals, Desalination & Power; with over 4000 employees and 17 plants around the globe.

With the global changes in requirements and challenging specifications, we had to upbeat the pace of innovation, not only for environment friendly products but cost effective too. It was a challenging task to alter the existing designs as far as composition, content and process aiming at cost reduction of 30% in material of pipe composition. Using APQP methodologies we transitioned from a divergent brainstorming to convergent design milestones leading to cost-effective designs in pipe and equipment.

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