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Industrialist visionary and achiever in Manufacturing & Engineering Leadership, Hadi brings along more than 15 years of industrial expertise in the fields of project controls management, lean manufacturing, operations technology management and business services, SCM, KHM, ERP/MRP, TQM, EVMS and solution systems.

Acquiring and developing new business while focusing on projects execution.

From setting up turn-key plants for production, developing environmental-friendly products and equipment ready for market penetration, to leading know-how charged with KM Practice; conducting research & technology transfer with Earned Value Management in strategic and global initiatives of Green Projects in the FMCG, Facade Construction, Oil & Gas, Water, Municipal and Industrial sectors;

Hadi has accomplished global turn-key manufacturing projects in USA, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon, while managing a global team positioned in Europe, USA, China, Middle-East and the GCC;


Senior Vice-President Technology & Engineering Developments

Future Pipe Group
January 2008 to January 2010
Responsibilities completed
  • Lead the group’s Technology & Engineering Developments body from a technology transfer perspective to cater the expansion strategy of plants around the globe;
  • Prepare the Technology body to represent the Company in IPO:
    * Assessment an calibration of the risks involved in expansion strategies
    * Develop the business procedures, processes and work instructions
    * Review and structure the technology governance principles
    * Implement the security levels over DMS systems
  • Evolution Renaissance group Matrix restructuring foundations;
  • Lead the Think Teams group for ASIA market and strategic re-positioning:
    * Develop market penetration strategies
    * Assess and propose expansion with new product feasibility for Oil & Gas markets
    * Conduct market research and risk analysis for the emerging piping industry
  • Responsible for the group supply & procurement of technology
    Other direct responsibilities: HR, Central Procurement, Central Technical Support, Central Audit;
Detailed Description
  • Scope:
    * Responsible for the group's 17 plants technology with a team of 49 engineers and technicians worldwide;
    * President's office forum member for assistance on strategic technology initiatives;
    * Head the technology transfer policy and implementation across the group;
    * Group technology audits (USA, KSA, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Abu Dhabi & Dubai);
    * Group document management and security setup and control;
    * Group pipe product design authorization on final developments;
    * Establishing and running the group's Central Procurement for equipment and tooling supply;
    * Prepare the Technology body to represent the Company in IPO preparations;
    * Evolution Renaissance: group Matrix restructuring foundations;
    * Lead the Think Teams group for ASIA Pacific market and strategic re-positioning;
    * Know-how management;
    * Central audits for compliance and governance;
    * Direct Human Resource selection and leadership building;
    * Familiarity with key international standards such as ASTM, API, AWWA, ISO14692 and ShellDEP-;
    * Forum member for the ISO 14692 update;
  • Saudi Arabia: Product and equipment support for the $17 Million contract with Marafiq project in Saudi Arabia, the Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) at Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
    The projects provides approximately 30km of Fiberstrong and Wavistrong pipe systems, with a diameter ranging from 25mm to 2000mm. The pipe systems was used for potable water distribution and both industrial and residential waste water distribution and treatment.
  • Saudi Arabia: Main Oil&Gas project was in the installation of the Yellow Box ® fiberglass pipeline at Saudi Aramco’s Hawtah field. The pilot project was for 250 meters fiber glass pipe for installation above and below ground. The pipeline ran for a year, after which it was approved for the high pressure applications.
    Hence got the approval as vendor and supplier to Saudi Aramco for low and medium pressure fiberglass pipes systems, and upon successful completion of this project.
  • Qatar:Equipment and product upgrades for the $138 Million contract with Ras Laffan Project in Qatar; for supply of fiberglass pipes and fittings for Phase 2, category II, of the project to expand the seawater cooling facility at Ras Laffan Industrial City, in Qatar.
    Technical support for the delivery of approximately 176,000 meters of fiberglass pipes. or equivalent to one third the length of Qatar’s coastline. The pipe systems were used for above and below ground seawater cooling lines, fire water and chlorination.
  • UAE: Commissioning the HDPE 630mm 1000kg/hr extrusion line to cover applications including water main schemes, potable water house connections, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, drainage systems, laboratories, industrial process lines, agricultural piping, irrigation and many other public utilities.
  • Designing the extended 18m long hydro-testing and production machines for large diameter fiberglass pipes
  • Manufacturing of the new and improved 6# continuous winding machines of 3m diameter complete production lines for the KSA, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Lebanon plants where the large diameter pipes were required for transmission projects
  • Designing the high-pressure oil & gas mega-production lines conversion in Qatar, Oman, KSA, Egypt, Europe and UAE
  • Re-engineering and Manufacturing of 3# large hydro-testers (4m diameter)
  • UAE: Speed-manufacture of 3# complete GRP pipe production lines for Dubai and Abu Dhabi plants
  • UAE: Product and equipment and project support for the Dubai World Central airport which was under construction.
Company Description

Future Pipe Industries is a global leader in the large diameter fiberglass pipe industry, developing, manufacturing and supplying pipe systems to a broad range of markets around the world in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Water Distribution, Infrastructure & Municipal, Marine, Industrial, Petrochemicals, Desalination & Power; with over 4000 employees and 17 plants around the globe.

When the group evolutioned into three sections: Sales, SCM, Global Manufacturing Office, TED had to be formed as the key player into standardization of optimized processes, control over outputs and quality products with governance rules and compliance measures. All three divisions of TED (equipment, product and know-how) were created in that respect working together in perfect synergy.

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