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Industrialist visionary and achiever in Manufacturing & Engineering Leadership, Hadi brings along more than 15 years of industrial expertise in the fields of project controls management, lean manufacturing, operations technology management and business services, SCM, KHM, ERP/MRP, TQM, EVMS and solution systems.

Acquiring and developing new business while focusing on projects execution.

From setting up turn-key plants for production, developing environmental-friendly products and equipment ready for market penetration, to leading know-how charged with KM Practice; conducting research & technology transfer with Earned Value Management in strategic and global initiatives of Green Projects in the FMCG, Facade Construction, Oil & Gas, Water, Municipal and Industrial sectors;

Hadi has accomplished global turn-key manufacturing projects in USA, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon, while managing a global team positioned in Europe, USA, China, Middle-East and the GCC;


  • Engineering profiling (technology/sourcing)
  • Contracting Capital Fast-Track Projects
  • Projects Controls (EVMS, ANSI 748);
  • Plastic/Steel/Glass/Aluminium/FMCG industry process optimization
  • Plants & Machinery design & optimization;
  • Facade Structures, Curtain Wall, Composite Cladding
  • Product/Plant Qualification/Certification;
  • Positioning Leadership
  • Selection of Leaders & Match Culture
  • Earned Value Management
  • Task Force & Special Projects
  • KM Practice & TQM+OHSE
  • Technical screening & selection strategy
  • Project Management coach
  • 6th Generation R&D portfolio management
  • Hay-Group: Salary & Grading Structures
  • Job Design & Appraisal Systems
  • NLP communications
  • Business Change Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Fiberglass pipe systems
  • Continuous, Discontinuous, Spoolable, and Coiled Tubing
  • Oil & Gas High Pressure and Downhole Piping
  • Pulp, Paper, Tissue and Plastic FMCG industries
  • PVC, uPVC and HDPE pipe systems
  • Lean Six-Sigma Manufacturing
  • EFQM/RADAR Methodology
  • CRM/SalesForce Funnel Management
  • MRP Manufacturing Modes
  • Industry Manufacturing Management Set-up & Operation
  • Innovative Technology and Know-How Set-up & Roll-out
  • Industrial Construction Projects Management
  • EPIC: Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning
  • Projects & Cost Controls Leadership and Management
  • Research & Development (Pipe Products & Equipment)
  • Strategic Procurement & Sourcing Consultancy
  • 2012-present
    -S&M penetration to GCC & ME, strategy and implementation;
    -Lead the construction projects enlightening initiative in Qatar’s World Petroleum Conference (WPC);
    -Lead the energy construction projects initiative in Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES);
    -Lead the Dubai’s forum about Projects Cost Controls Management (AACEI);
    -Lead the Security & Projects initiative in Dubai’s Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX);
  • 2010-2011
    *Decentralization & Restructure Strategy of all operating units;
    *Qualifying KSA plant for API standard certification;
  • 2009-2010
    *Conversion Strategy: Repositioning the FPI group as a key oil & gas player;
    *Think-Teams initiative;
  • 2004-2008
    *IPO technical draft preparations
    *Bell Leadership Executive Training, Job Redesign & Match Culture
    *Evolution change management initiatives 2004-2007
    *Qualifying the Wavistrong_H2O product for water usage;
  • -Global restructuring & re-alignment (from COE to GSM, SCM, GMO, TED, EMF)
    -FPI Public Offering (Future Pipe Industries P.J.S.C.),
    -Baan-Now ERP system implementation & audit
  • In 2002, I have traveled to India, China and Thailand to establish offices and commercial reviews for expansion and procurement and later to USA for expansion activities
  • In 2006, I have been part of decision makers on the Job Design content and principles for salary structure and grading using the Hay method which I mastered by getting certified. Leadership coaching extended also to train and to coach my staff using the Covey and Bell methods
  • In 2011-2013, green-field set-up of Projects Services US based company in the Middle-East/GCC
  • In 2014:
    -Lead the certification of a contracting group for ISO following a change management strategy;
    -Accomplished a lean-manufacturing production line process for aluminum processing;
  • In 2010, parted in the new externally focused strategy aiming at integrating the customer needs that led to a new Sector Type structure (O&G, Industrial and Water)
  • I have participated in 2005 in the Family Business Success Forum (Mina Salam, Dubai UAE) for further change in the management structure
  • In 2009 I have started the Job Redesign project for my unit and was a member of the COO chairing committee, and later a member of the Strategic Planning Think Team for resolution of the economic crisis at times
  • In 1998, I’ve setup up and implemented the ERP system at the manufacturing level (MRP)
  • 2011 ($5 Mil, pure product related)
    Initiation of two parallel cost reduction and innovative projects; one of them with a new competitive pipe system in nature with patent on innovation;
    Product delivery and achievement:
    *30% cost savings on manufacturing cost & design;
    *40% increase in mechanical strength;
    *green products and environmental friendly: BPA and emission free;
  • Projects amounting to $75Million focus on developing new products for the water market, new piping systems for high pressure applications with larger diameters, new resin formulations for higher temperatures…
  • 2014: Spearheaded and set-up a design solution team to resolve design issues for a double-laminated-onyx structure in the Cultural Center project in Kuwait. Resulting solution ended in 30% savings while maintaining the overall architectural intent.
  • 2010: initiated two patents for high profile fiberglass pipe process innovations